According to the American Institute for Cancer Research, only about 10-15% of cancers are genetic in origin; the rest are caused by a combination of environmental and LIFESTYLE factors.
The food you eat is one of the most significant factors affecting your genes. That is, what you eat can either prevent cancer and other chronic illnesses or help cause them.
Because you eat so often, your FOOD is the single most important way to maintain your genetic integrity or to destroy it.
Because of our deficiency of free time, using food as a peaceful medicine is of paramount importance to bring balance back into your life. If you constantly push your body’s limits nutritionally, you speed up the aging of your body,
mind, and spirit.
The GOOD NEWS is that you, with your diet, can reverse the course of premature aging and the development of disease. You speak to your body constantly with the food you eat–why not send it a healthy message?
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