Blue Apron, Green Chef, Healthy Fresh–home delivery is here and it is YUMMY!

I have tried three different home delivery options for meals and have to say, I am impressed. I liked them all. I liked Blue Apron the least as I found the quality of the food with Green Chef and Healthy Fresh quite superior.

I liked Blue Apron’s and Healthy Fresh’s menu variety better than Green Chef BUT again, I have to say, I would not have had the patience to make these dishes and they were so easy. The best is that they were so FAST since all the pre-measuring was done for you.

My husband was a skeptic at first but agrees the variety and quality of the food was quite good. I won’t use these more than once a month perhaps as I truly do enjoy doing my own grocery shopping and like the fluidity of my schedule. Having said that, as a live-in pet sitter, this is a GREAT way to feed myself while at a client’s house.


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