About Us

Started in 2010, BodyBalance of Seneca specializes in a unique approach to the body with our Sequential Movement Therapy. This is a program we design for each individual whereby we combine the balance work of acupuncture with the flexibiltiy of Pilates and the release of fascial adhesion with bodywork.

At BodyBalance of Seneca, there is no competition with other members, no straining to see how something is done, no waiting for a more difficult workout or hope for modifications; YOU are the focus. Time is also a factor. Since our schedule is YOUR schedule, there is no need to work around pre-set class times. YOU decide when training fits into your day.

Steve Wagner

I hold a Bachelor degree from Colorado State University. I graduated from the Southeastern School of Neuromuscular Therapy and Advanced Bodywork in 2006. I went on to certify in reflexology in 2007. In 2008 I traveled to the Atlanta School of Massage where I certified in TMJ therapy. I recently certified with Aaron Mattes in Active Isolated Stretching. I certified in Spontaneous Muscle Release Technique with Dawn Lewis in 2014.

I hold a black belt in Gojuryu Karate-do and kobudo.

I am certified via the Titleist Performance Institute.  I will train you in strength, flexility and balance. Please refer to the Services page of this website for more detailed information.

I am currently certifying with Edgar Tirado, a 2nd generation Level 4 Master Instructor, at The Work Pilates in Anderson, SC to become a Pilates instructor on both the mat and reformer.

It is our belief that our background of sequential movement therapy, neuromuscular therapy, martial arts, acupressure, stretching, biomechanics, holistic nutrition, Pilates, and personal training makes us uniquely suited to address the body in a comprehensive fashion. We will address your individual rehabilitative needs in a way offered by no one else in the Upstate.