Service Schedule

We offer four kinds of therapy:

  1. Neuromuscular/Massage Therapy ($70/hour, $110/1.5 hours)
  1. Sequential Movement Therapy (a dedicated stretching session) ($40 for 30 minutes, can add ONE person for $5 more)
  • this can be spot specific
  • works as a wonderful complement to physical therapy
  • utilizes the stretching cage, BOSU, stability ball, mat and Pilates magic circle
  1. Core Strengthening and Conditioning ($40/hour)
  • this is a one-on-one session
  • equipment utilized will be BOSU, stability ball, mat, hand weights, resistance bands, foam roller, medicine balls, kettle bells
  • classes are available Monday-Saturday starting as early as 8am and ending as late as 7pm

It is our sincere belief that our unique certifications and decades of experience provides you with the most well-rounded perfectly scheduled training and rehabilitation programs in the Upstate.