We offer all manner of therapeutic massage and bodywork. This includes neuromuscular therapy which is the only form of bodywork recognized by the American Pain Management Association as an effective treatment protocol. We also offer acupressure, myofascial release, TMJ therapy, trigger point work and reflexology. Since we each have our own treatment room, couples may come at the same time to have a session. How refreshing not having to wait for each other to finish!

We have a separate 1,000sf studio dedicated to apparatus or mat pilates. This room is large enough for either one-on-one instruction or up to three people besides the instructor. This room is lined with mirrors so you are able to watch the instructor and yourself from all angles thereby ensuring proper form and alignment.

We have a personal training room which is used for all manner of functional fitness. It is here we will train you using a stability ball, the TRX, a BOSU, heavy bag, ballet bar, hula hoop, wobble board, free weights or kettlebells. At BodyBalance we believe in functional fitness: basically, a classification of exercise which involves training the body for the activities performed in daily life. As we age we lose a tremendous amount of muscle, strength, balance and power. Functional fitness, to us, is being able to lift large sacks of groceries or throw 50 pounds of dog food on your shoulder and take it to the basement without pain or effort.

We have a room dedicated to Active Isolated Stretching. We believe the key to longevity is flexibility. If you are not flexible, you greatly increase your risk of injury. Our certified stretching program is based on the teachings of Aaron Mattes who has over four decades of experience in kinesiology and biomechanics.

We have a room dedicated to Sports Specific Postural Analysis. This room is lined with mirrors so you are able to watch the instructor and yourself from all angles thereby ensuring proper form and alignment. We have the capability of video taping your golf swing, for instance, and then reviewing it with you for golf-specific injuries and injury inducing swing mechanics. We perform wrist, neck, back and ankle physical screening procedures. From this we will develop a treatment protocol that may include massage, stretching, core training, acupressure or acupuncture and nutritional advice all offered here at BodyBalance.

We have doubled the size of our training space to offer our Titleist Performance Institute “golfing special” which is a biweekly program that runs for six weeks. This class will encompass a special program of interval training, stretching and Pilates specifically oriented toward all of the major elements of flexibility, strength and balance that are so critical to the game of golf. Prior to attending the program, we will schedule you with a golf simulator to test your club head speed and distance. Post program you have the ability to retest these baselines to track your progress. We offer two single sex and one co-ed class per six weeks. Classes are a minimum of three people, maximum of five.