Private Training

“Between Steve’s massages and Valerie’s core training I have virtually alleviated all my back pain. It is a great combination and totally convenient to have them in the same location!” – John C.

What is It?

We have a physio room which is used for all manner of functional fitness. It is here we will train you using a stability ball, the TRX, a BOSU, heavy bag, ballet bar, hula hoop, wobble board, free weights or kettlebells. At BodyBalance we believe in functional fitness which is basically a classification of exercise which involves training the body for the activities performed in daily life. We have created Sequential Movement Therapy  which incorporates functional fitness into your base flexibility.

We will design an exercise program that will incorporate all manner of equipment as well as your own body weight to meet your fitness goals. We will first assess your current fitness level and work with you to create realistic goals for what you hope to achieve. We may incorporate high intensity interval training one day, karate inspired breathing exercises another day and TRX training on yet another. The key is to keep you challenged mentally as well as physically. We will show you exercises you can do at home with whatever you have on hand so you can meet and exceed your fitness goals.

There has been much written in the news lately about stretching. How to stretch–ballistic or static? How long to stretch–2 seconds or 30 seconds? When to stretch–pre or post workout? Should one use heat or ice on a strain (it’s heat, by the way)? At BodyBalance of Seneca we have created a series of movements we call “Sequential Movement Therapy.” These movements are dictated by your own personal flexibility ranges combined with stretches based on the principles of Pilates, biomechanics, kinesiology and cellular dynamics. We will show you how to perform stretches while sitting at your desk at work or sitting in your living room at home. We will teach you ways to incorporate balance exercises into your day without adding extra time to your day. We will also show you stretches you can do to improve posture, breathing and digestion.


Working with a private trainer one-on-one means you can progress at your own pace with whatever modifications you may or may not need. You also dictate the schedule since this is your time. You are not locked in to set class times as we are available when it is convenient for you. This is truly as hassle free as getting in shape can be!

What is included?

  • stability ball, BOSU, TRX, heavy bag, ballet bar, free weights, kettlebells, hula hoop, wobble board
  • a dedicated, mirrored room for one-on-one instruction
  • mat made from non-toxic bio-degradable materials

Costs & Options

Please visit our Service Schedule page for information on pricing.