Yoga/Pilates Private Instruction

“Taking both yoga and pilates from Valerie has improved my golf game so much, my husband is joining me now!” – Pamela G.

What is It?

PILATES is a physical fitness system developed by Joseph Pilates in the early 1900’s. Pilates believed in a system he created which uses the mind to control the body. This is called “contrology” and is used to strengthen, lengthen and provide flexibility to the core or “powerhouse.” There are two main camps of Pilates today, classical or contemporary. The classical or traditional approach relies on a series of 34 mat exercises that do not vary in their order. It is our belief at BodyBalance that our one-on-one approach is key to mastering the very detailed, very precise nature of this exercise regime. Pilates can be dangerous if not done properly and the number of facilities that offer a fusion of Pilates and yoga do a disservice to both. We offer the classical mat and apparatus Pilates program.

YOGA is a Sanskrit term that means “yoke” and by that we usually mean a union between the breath and movement of the body. There are many, many different styles of yoga depending on your teacher and what it is you want from a practice. At BodyBalance our focus is on vinyasa and power yoga. This means that we focus on movement and breath rather than holding poses for a long period of time. While yoga can be a very spiritual journey, as a neuromuscular therapist, I have a unique background in the physiology of your practice.

Both disciplines are integrative; associated with stress reduction and increased well-being. Which should you take? The biggest difference lies in the structure of the class. Pilates is a more regimented routine with a set order while yoga is more free-form and not as repetitive. They will both challenge the body, the breath, the mind and the soul. It is to your advantage to try both and see which you prefer. Some days you may like the comfort of the structure of Pilates while at other times you may want something that will encourage a more contemplative approach to your exercise program. It is perfectly acceptable to study both!

What is included?

  • mat made from non-toxic bio-degradable materials
  • Pilates apparatus such as a reformer, wall unit and barrel
  • a dedicated, mirrored room for one-on-one instruction

Costs & Options

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